Audience Extension

Fill the inventory gap with the Audience Extension. Audience Extension gives publishers the possibility of buying additional ad inventory based on their own first-party audience segments via Display & Video 360.

There are several benefits to using Audience Extension:

  • Extended Inventory: When publisher is struggling with the inventory, using Audience extension can significantly increase available inventory for the campaign delivery, giving more room for additional layers of targeting and optimization.
  • Advanced Targeting: Compared to owned and operated inventory, DV 360 delivery offers numerous targeting capabilities such as:
    • user behavior
    • demographics
    • household income
    • proximity targeting (app only)
    • Interest
  • Variety of formats: With Audience Extension publisher can offer their advertisers various additional ad formats that may not be available on their own and operated content, such as: video ads, various rich media formats, native ads etc.
  • Delivery Controls: Prioritize quality over quantity of impressions.
  • Performance: Gain higher CTR and conversion rate
  • ROI: Spend advertisers’ budget more efficiently
  • Insights: Get insights on which websites your audiences also visit and optimize your sites content to gain more similar visitors, like your audience.

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